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How many steps are there in completing a host application/profile?

There are seven simple steps in the host application, all of which are very important in providing potential guests with as much information about you home as possible! 

Do I have to fill out every section or the application/profile?

Yes, in order for Ojisu to be able to approve your application and create your profile for potential guests to see, you must entirely fill out the application. Don't forget to upload pictures of your home and the room you are listing!

How do I make a great profile?

To make your profile attractive, it has to be as informative as possible. This will give guests the best idea and feel for your home and what you have to offer as a host family.

Make sure that you also include as many quality pictures of your home and family as possible. It’s hard for a guest to choose your home if they don’t know what it looks like or if the pictures are blurry or of a messy house! Be sure to use a high-resolution camera (most smart phones will do the job), make sure the rooms you are photographing are well lit, and clean up any messiness in the photo!

Should I establish house rules?

Yes, it is a smart idea to establish house rules and display them on your profile. These can be indicated when filling out the “Host Preferences” step of your profile. Establishing some general rules helps avoid potential conflict or issues down the road. Examples of possible rules are: no smoking, please clean up after yourself to maintain a clean living environment, please ask before inviting friends over, no overnight guests, etc.