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Homestay Payments for Hosts


In order to ensure a safe and convenient process joining guests and hosts, Ojisu Homestay offers a two-sided selection platform. All homestay stipends or payments will be processed through Ojisu Homestay’s payment platform.

First, guests will submit one whole homestay payment to Ojisu Homestay. Ojisu will then administer monthly stipends to the homestay family, at the beginning of each month. If parties attempt to handle homestay payments “under the table” or outside of Ojisu, this may lead to many issues and both parties will subsequently be removed from Ojisu’s platform. Please understand that all payments are processed through Ojisu in order to protect all parties.

Long-Term Homestay Programs (Exceeding One Month):

Ojisu Homestay will make stipend payments to the host family on the first day of each month or on the last day of the prior month. If the move-in or move-out date happens to fall in the middle of the month, the host will receive the homestay stipend on the first day of that month to serve as that month's payment. The first month’s payment will be made as a check and the following payments will be made according to the host’s preference (check, direct deposit, etc).

Short-Term Homestay Programs (One Month or Less):

Ojisu Homestay will send the stipend as soon as the payment is confirmed/sent by the guest party, exact dates or payment may vary based on when the homestay program is confirmed by the host party.

Available Payment Methods:

  • Direct deposit

  • Bank checks

Please understand that in order to protect the privacy of all parties involved, please avoid sending personal, contact, or banking information over Ojisu’s platform to anyone who is not from Ojisu Team. Ojisu reserves the final explanation right.