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Messaging for Hosts

How do i get in touch with guests?
Host families can refer to “Latest Host Demand” on the homepage of Ojisu.com to view all incoming guests’ hosting requests. Here, you will see details about the guests and what areas they are interested in living in. If you see a guest that you are interested in contacting, feel free to send them a message inquiring further about what exactly they are looking for in their homestay experience.

How do i receive messages?

Guests will be able to send you messages on Ojisu’s online messaging system regarding your homestay offering. Once a guest sends a message, you will receive a notification via email (at the address you used to to register on Ojisu.com) with a link to access the conversation and reply to the guest’s question.

Is there a timeframe in which I need to reply to messages from guests?

In general, you should reply to messages from guests as soon as possible. Guests will send messages inquiring about your homestay because they are interested in your offering, whether it be questions about additional services like transportation or questions about your community. Therefore, the sooner and more completely you are able to answer guests’ questions, the higher the odds are of them choosing to stay with you!

Why do I need to reply to messages from Guests?

Communicating with guests before booking with them helps give both guests and hosts a better understanding what each party’s expectations are. It helps give an understanding of how good of a match they will be for each other. It is always suggested that you communicate with guests before confirming bookings!