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Halloween with a Chinese International Student

2016-10-29 Read:

Halloween is America's  third favorite holiday. The chance to be anyone you want to be (even if just for that night) goes right along with American attitudes about dreaming and fostering childhood creativity. But Halloween is not just for kids! Here are the following tips for celebrating Halloween with an international student of any age:

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Pumpkin Carving or Painting


This is a fun activity for international students to do at home that all ages enjoy. It is a custom very unique to Halloween in the West and is a must-have experience for Chinese international students. However, the student's talent may surprise you if they have experience with Chinese paper cutting!


Don't Forget to Roast the Seeds


Though pumpkin carving may not be popular in China, eating pumpkin seeds is! Even if your Chinese international friend doesn't carve the pumpkins with you, they will probably appreciate you sharing the subsequent snacks.


To Trick or to Treat?


Most of those studying in the U.S. from abroad are a bit older than the usual ages for trick or treating, but not participating doesn't mean you can't appreciate the festivities. If they don't want to participate, try passing out Halloween candy in your neighborhood with them. It's the easiest way to see all the creative costume ideas out there!


Costume Parties


Hopefully, they will be inspired by all these costume ideas and want to dress up themselves! Weekend costume parties are the hallmark of  a great Halloween. If you're a bit stuck check out some great costume ideas here.


Haunted Houses


If dressing up isn't for them, going to a haunted house is a great Halloween tradition that requires no preparation! (except maybe mental). Check out the top creepy houses open this year in America here.


~Have fun and celebrate responsibly!~