Legal Guardianship - Basic

Price: $6000 (per one school year)

Service Details

  1. Rights & Benefits: Ojisu helps provide legal guardianship via a third-party, CSIET approved, business-insured plan which grants international students specific student rights and benefits. This guardianship representation supports students with many legal, academic, health, livelihood, cultural and safety related aspects of studying and living in the US.

  2. Consistent Communication: Comprehensive bilingual support will be offered to students via phone calls, video-chatting, and text messaging in order to maintain consistent support and communication between students and guardians. The guardian will also serve as an impartial reporter to the student’s parents of how the student’s studies and lifestyle are developing. The guardian will be a contact mediary between the school, the student, the student’s parents, and the host family. They will also stand in as the student’s emergency contact for their school of attendance.

  3. Emergency Situations: The guardian will provide guidance and counseling in emergency situations. If an emergency situation arises, the student will contact the guardian, who will help resolve the issue regardless of the nature of the issue, beit academic, medical, legal, etc. The guardian will update the student’s parents of situations that arise.

  4. Monthly Reports: Bilingual support will compile detailed monthly reports of the student’s well being and academic progress for the student’s parents reference. Additionally, the student will provide an example of his or her most successful school work piece each month. This will all help the guardian assist the student with all difficulties encountered during study abroad life.

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