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After the simple one-step signup process of entering your email address, go to the “Account” section and fill out all indicated information under the “My Home” section. The more detailed your profile is, the more attention it will receive, and the higher the chance that a student will be interested in living with you. Host families can voluntarily conduct federal and state criminal background checks on all adult family members to receive a “safety” check mark on their profile, thus reassuring students that they are in good hands and speeding up the homestay matching process.

Searching for guests

Check out the “Host Demand” section on Ojisu’s homepage and view students who are currently looking for host families in specific areas. Feel free to contact guests who are looking in your area about your hosting capabilities to better understand if you would be a compatible pair.


High-quality host families are always in very high demand. After receiving a homestay request from a guest, please read through the student’s profile thoroughly and contact them if necessary. Please respond all the requests within 48 hours of receiving them. Online or on-site pre-stay meetings should not be unexpected, but this service is sometimes requested by incoming students. If you have any questions, the Ojisu customer service team is always here to assist you.

Reservations & confirmation

After a mutual agreement has been reached, your homestay listing will be removed from Ojisu and the details of the homestay will be arranged. If the student backs out of the arrangement, you will be compensated up to $100 and your profile will be reactivated. Assuming there are no issues, the student will then make the full homestay stipend payment and we will send you a detailed order confirmation and a receipt for your records.


Please inform us of your prefered payment method. Depending on the duration of the homestay, you can choose from the check payments or direct deposit payments.

Move in

Continuous, pre-homestay communication with your new international family member ensures great future hospitality. Please inform the student about the household amenities that are available to them and make move-in accommodations before they depart for the U.S.

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