How It Works

For Schools

Join a headache-free homestay platform for international students

In past years prior to Ojisu’s founding, we had heard of countless complaints and drama between international students and their homestays from school admissions. The main contributor to homestay issues is a lack of pre-homestay communication and understanding. Your voice was heard and has inspired us to build the brand new homestay-matching platform that is Ojisu.com. On Ojisu, we offer unparalleled transparency to both the students and hosts before they actually live together. An exceptional degree of freedom and a deep mutual understanding are cultivated by both parties before the homestay process begins. On Ojisu, students are not simply assigned to live with a family, but instead live with families of their choice and of whom they have already had the chance to acquaint with.

Rely on our comprehensive support community

To a teenager, family provides a full spectrum of support and this should never be compromised when teenagers are living with a host family. Through cooperating with CSIET-certified service providers, Ojisu provides comprehensive guardianship services, academic support, health insurance, and legal advisory. Verified guardianship services, academic support, and effective communication between students’ parents and hosts all help take weight off the shoulders of schools.

Become an ambassador of global culture exchange

As an agency engaging in the realm of global education, Ojisu is committed to fostering culturally-diverse local communities. This not only includes introducing American lifestyle to the international students, but also encompasses bridging the gap between American and Chinese culture. Ojisu sponsors several cultural exchange programs including the Host Family Scholarship which sponsors eligible Chinese-learning American teenagers to travel to China. Ojisu’s mission is to increase the dialogue between the two cultures, share new experiences, and inspire the youth generation to become global citizens.