Host Family Orientation

Price:$198/ Family

Service details:

Many host families don’t have much prior experience hosting international students. In order to help ease the transition into hosting and provide some reassurance to student guests and their parents, AHS now provides host family orientation services. As a part of this service, host families will learn about cultural differences between the US and China, the eating habits and diets of Chinese students, and language barriers and how to deal with them. Host families will also have the opportunity to ask any cultural or hosting-related questions. Because many international students are adolescents or younger, host families will also learn about how to deal with adolescent behavior and foster healthy growth.

We highly recommend that students also choose the “International Student Orientation” service package in order to educate themselves on what to expect while they are studying in the US and give them a head start on adapting to life in the US.

Service Process:

  1. Complete the full service payment of $198.

  2. You will be connected with an Ojisu consultant and will then provide them with any specific information that you want communicated to your host family or any specific aspects that you want to be addressed in the orientation.

  3. Within 3-5 business days, the Ojisu consultant will reach out to your host family to arrange a time for the orientation to take place.

  4. The orientation will be conducted via a video conference call.

  5. After the orientation has been completed, AHS will collect the host family’s signature confirming that the family has completed the orientation. AHS will then provide the student with the certificate of completion.

Fee & Refund Policy:

  1. The Host Family Orientation service fee is a one-time, non-transferable fee and will only be refunded under the following circumstance.

  2. If the host family refuses to participate in the orientation, the service fee will be refunded in full.

Please note: the service becomes valid once it is fully paid for and concludes upon completion of  the orientation and the receiving of the host family’s signature.

Service Provider Information


American Homestay Services was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with additional offices in Beijing, China. AHS is dedicated to providing professional support services to international students during their time studying in the US, such as pre-homestay visits and meetings, domestic guardianship services, as well as follow-up services after the study duration has concluded. AHS received CSIET certification in 2014 and has maintained their commitment to providing comprehensive, custom services since.

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